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Set Prima Coccola - Blanket + Beanie with your name

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🇮🇹 Made in Italy
🚼 GOTS certified yarn
♻️ 100% Plastic-free
🧶 Blanket size ≃ 60x90 cm

Prima Coccola is a blanket + beanie set that gives newborns the chance to introduce themselves... even if they can't talk yet!

With three beanie sizes available and the ability to choose the colors, each Coccola is a unique piece, as the person who will use it. First quality materials and 100% Made in Italy processing make Prima Coccola not only an indispensable product for every new mother but also make it a very pleasant childhood memory.

Names are not printed or embroidered on a neutral item but are knitted by our special machine, as if they were handmade.

Blanket: 100% high-quality organic cotton or 90% Merino & 10% cashmere

Beanie: is always in 100% cotton and it's worked in 2 "layers". This allows you to keep very warm even on the coldest days and to wear it in two different ways; with or without cuff. The name is worked 2 times in order to be well visible with both wearability.


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How to use

All our Coccole are delivered washed and sanitized, ready to use.
For future washing we always recommend in cold water, without spinning and do not use the drying machine.


Prima Coccola è tutto ciò di cui ha bisogno il tuo neonato. Qui da noi trovi prodotti di qualità, made in Italy, con oltre 500 recensioni verificate a 5 stelle

Personalizza la copertina e il berrettino con il nome del neonato

Il nome non viene stampato e ricamato su un capo neutro ma viene lavorato direttamente a macchina, come se fosse fatto a mano dalla nonna - disponibile in 6 colori - in Cotone o in Misto Cashmere

Aggiungi al carrello un Sacco Nanna Prima Coccola, un panno caldo 100% cotone biologico

Il sacco nanna Prima Coccola è stato progettato esattamente con questo scopo: abbracciare il tuo bambino nei suoi primi mesi di vita.

Sacco nanna | Foto ©PrimaCoccola | Cotone biologico

Se il tuo neonato deve ancora nascere, avrai bisogno di un Set pelle a pelle Prima Coccola, una copertina che viene usata per avvolgere il bambino durante le prime ore di vita.

Il set pelle a pelle è una copertina che viene usata per avvolgere il bambino durante le prime ore di vita.  E’  una pratica sempre più comune in cui il bambino viene dato in braccio alla mamma subito dopo la nascita 

Per questo motivo, il set pelle a pelle è fatto di cotone biologico greggio, privo anche di coloranti

Set Pelle a Pelle | Foto ©PrimaCoccola | Cotone biologico greggio

I nostri prodotti sono di altissima qualità, curiamo nel dettaglio ogni particolare...

Made in Italy

Cura nei dettagli

Custom newborn blanket | Prima Coccola

Foto ©PrimaCoccola

Foto ©PrimaCoccola

Custom newborn blanket | Prima Coccola

Non lasciarti sfuggire questa occasione di regalare qualcosa di speciale ad una mamma

About Our Yarn

We are very proud of our products, and we are dedicated to assuring the very best quality personalized products.

Our yarns are ethically sourced and extensively quality/standard certified by all top global organizations.

Our yarns have been certified to be:

  • Eco-sustainable
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Plastic-Free
  • Recyclable

Prima Coccola are designed and produced to last a lifetime in celebration of the beautiful memories of childhood.


We firmly believe in sustainable innovation, which is why our processes and our yarns are always updated and approved with the most important international certifications.

Global Organic Textile Standard

Yarns made from GOTS or OCS certified fibers are made only with organic raw materials that do not use pesticides or toxins to grow. GOTS and OCS are available for most naturally grown fibers such as cotton, linen and silk.

Responsable Wool Standard 

Certification issued by the Textile Exchange which guarantees the complete traceability of the wool fibers contained in our yarns, along the entire supply chain, from the farmer to the finished product to the final consumer.

Sustainable Fibre Alliance

The cashmere used by Prima Coccola comes from breeders who are members of the Committee for the certification of the sustainability of cashmere fiber from Mongolia.

Better Cotton Initiative

BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) community, the largest cotton sustainability program in the world. BCI exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future.