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Skin to skin set

Skin to skin set

Skin to skin set

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The little angel you were waiting for has finally arrived: now he’s crying, and everything he wants in the world is just to be placed next to his mother’s heart.

You look down at your chest, and you see a new face that couldn’t be more familiar at the same time: you recognize the features of your partner, and the ones of your family…

And you stand back and relax: everything in the world is finally in its place.

Skin-to-skin is a very common practice where your baby is directly put on your chest right after birth: A few hours of snuggling let you and your bundle of joy get to know each other for the first time.

Skin to skin blanket Prima Coccola

Before this wonderful, heartwarming experience takes place, the care provider dries your baby off and covers him with a warm blanket and a hat.

The first set your baby is embraced in it’s important: as soon as he’s born, his skin is sensitive and thin… so he only deserves the best.

This is the reason why we from Prima Coccola (which literally translates to First Snuggle from Italian) have created a 100% natural full set to welcome your love into the world. 

Our biological cotton, free of any harmful chemical dyes, will allow you to hold your baby closer to your chest without him ever feeling cold. Our hat and cozy blanket will create the smoothest transition from the warmth of your belly to the chilling environment of the outside world…
 welcoming your baby in the most comfortable way there is.

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