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"Early days" Beanie 100% Organic Cotton - With your name

"Early days" Beanie 100% Organic Cotton - With your name

"Early days" Beanie 100% Organic Cotton - With your name

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As soon as a newborn comes to life from the womb, nurses provide to keep its head warm with a small-cap: an attempt to maintain the heat of the womb the baby has got used to since the earliest stages of life.

Imagine its tiny little head, needing to be protected from all the world’s cold and confusion… it has to be a special beanie, it has to be designed expressly for that, as the rst act of love towards your child.

Don’t let this important stage be left to chance - choose Prima Coccola early days’ beanie: born directly from passion, available in six different colors, both plain and bright and entirely made in Italy in organic cotton.

But there is more: our brand new beanie is customizable with the newborn’s name, that will be embroidered in the cap’s at: the perfect memory to preserve in time… and also an amazing idea for a gift!

Our beanie is perfect both for the hospital time and indoors to protect your baby’s head in its very rst months of life: Prima Coccola is a choice of love, from us to your most precious gift.

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