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Who we are

Prima Coccola, as its name “First Snuggle” suggests, has been born out of pure, unconditional love towards a newborn.

Mauro, at the time technician for big clothing companies, found himself weaving a beanie for his daughter to wear as soon as she got out of the womb, interlacing each strand with his fatherly love.
He poured his heart and soul into that beanie, making sure to carefully embroider the newborn’s name on it...

And his efforts didn’t go unnoticed: every other mum (and nana) at the hospital kept admiring his work and asking where they could find something similar to welcome their own babies into the world.

Meanwhile, Enrico, the other co-founder of Prima Coccola, found himself in a similar situation: he was experiencing the joys of parenthood too, only this time indirectly.
He was continually assisting his sister in law with her new, chubby belly until one day, during one of his visits, he sees her busy with her knitting needles in hand. She was weaving a small, warm blanket for her newborn to be cuddled in.

This is how the core element at the basis of PrimaCoccola was born: two men, linked by years of friendship, both coming to explore the delight of having someone to care for. 

Prima Coccola Founders Enrico and Mauro

Starting from the idea of creating a brand entirely centered around new parents and their bundles of joy, the first prototypes of blankets and beanies were born...
Each one of them carefully woven, with the same passion and love that Enrico’s sister in law and Mauro put in their children’s clothes.

The founders also made sure to embroider on each of their handmade products the name of the baby, in order to show him off to the world with personality and present him to those surrounding him.

Still today, Prima Coccola keeps providing babies from all over the world with a warm, comfortable hug as soon as they come in contact with the world. These 100% natural and high-quality yarns are the best way to give the newest generation a cozy welcome.

Babies from all over the globe will now have the chance to avoid being born in the cold, hostile environment of the hospital: with Prima Coccola products they will find themselves surrounded by warmth, just like the one they grew accustomed to inside their mother’s wombs.

Thanks to the beanie and the blanket complementing each women’s safe arms, every newborn will feel at home and secure, glancing for the first time at the hostile world they have never seen from a place of safety and love.

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