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What's his name?

With a Prima Coccola there's no need to answer, it shows up on its own...

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Prima Coccola certifications

We have woven the warmth of the Mediterranean Sun and the traditions of this fertile land into a unique, incredible product

Made in Italy

Teach your child from the first moments in this world how important it is to respect the planet he will stand on with his first steps

100% Plastic Free

Every single letter will be carefully woven by a machine with exceptional care as if handmade by a caring grandma


White, Pink, Blue, Grey, Turtledove? Combine the colors as you wish to find the perfect set that speaks to you and your child

Color customized

Your Beanie can come with lapel for a trendy cozy hat, or without it

With or without lapel
Only certified yarns

We use only high quality and certified yarn. No allergies or itching

4.9 star review

Mums love our products and 10% of them buy again

Worldwide shipping

We ship at your doorstep in max 20 days

30 days return

Problems? 30 days return policy as your garantee